After Planting Turf Grass

What should I do after I plant my grass?

Thoroughly soak the newly planted sod. You will need to keep the soil damp for at least 10 days. DO NOT LET IT DRY OUT. This may require watering 2-3 times per day. Do not fertilize, mow or spray for any reason until the grass is rooted. When you cannot lift the grass up, then the grass is rooted. You are now free to start your regular mowing practices. Mowing height and mowing frequency is determined by the variety grass you have. A good turf program consists of fertilization, weed/ disease and insect control and proper mowing.

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How often should I aerate my yard?

Two times per year is great. In the spring, aerate after the grass is completely out of dormancy. In the fall, aerate 45 days prior to the first forecasted frost. Always fertilize after aeration.

How often should I mow my grass?

This depends on the variety of grass you have. St. Augustine should be mowed at least every 5-7 days.


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