Preparing to Plant Turf Grass

What should I do to my yard before I plant my grass?

This depends what condition your area is in to start with. Do what is necessary to get to bare dirt. Rid the area of all rocks, sticks and debris. Make sure the grade is smooth and will drain. Make sure to have 3-4 inches of loose dirt before planting.

How should I plant the grass?

Preferably starting at a straight line, lay your grass tightly together, staggering the seams (as if you were laying bricks). Trim off all access grass so there is no overlapping of the sod.

Do I need to till the ground or add sand/dirt?

Tilling your ground 3-4 inches would be ideal. Adding soil or sand to fill in low areas is fine. Just be careful when you add sand because sand has no water holding capabilities. Adding too much sand can cause hot spots.

Should I put down fertilizer before planting my grass?

Do not apply any fertilizer until the grass is rooted in. This will probably take at least 2 weeks with proper care.

What variety of grass should I use?

Look at your situation; see how much sun/shade you have and what your personal preference is. Give one of our experienced staff members a call and you can discuss with them your situation and then a determination can be made.


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