5 Tips for Post-Game Ball Field Turf Maintenance

Following these  five easy steps will help you have a quality playing surface that recovers quickly, keeps injuries to a minimum and allow your players to play to their capabilities.

1. Drag Field
After the game drag your filed with a flexible drag. This fluffs the grass and lets it air out and breathe. If you do not help the grass with this recovery method the roots and grass  itself will be stunted and recovery from play will be a lot slower.

2. Turn Off Irrigation
Let the field dry over night. Starting off with a dry field the next morning will prevent rutting and your fertilizer will not stick to your grass or your fertilizer spreader. If the fertilizer sticks to your grass it will burn.

3. Mow
After the grass has completely dried, mow to desired height. This will help prevent any fertilizer burn from other machinery traveling over fertilized turf.

4. Fertilize Field
Apply 1/2 pound of Nitrogen per 1000 square feet of quick release fertilizer. This gives the grass nutrients needed to rebound from play the night before. If this extra boost is not made available to your turf, the field conditions will slowly deteriorate and the field will be a wreck by the end of the season.

5. Irrigate Field
Resume irrigating immediately after fertilization. Apply sufficient water to dissolve the fertilizer, approximately1/2″ of water will do the trick. This will dissolve the nutrient make up of the fertilizer and the turf will start benefiting immediately.

Following these tips throughout the season will make your turf healthier and allow it to recover quicker after each game.

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