About Your Turf Grass Experts

Grimes Grass Company

We’re here to supply you with high quality turf grass for all of your landscaping needs. Our qualified staff will assist you in every way possible to make your experience with Grimes Grass will be one you will never forget … an experience you will be reminded of every day by a great looking lawn.

Grimes Grass is one of the oldest and largest established turf grass firms in the local Houston area. Homeowners, contractors, and businesses alike can all benefit from the years of experience and expertise available from Grimes Grass. Whether it is for sports field, golf course, home lawn, business, or park renovation, consultation, or installation, Grimes Grass can cater to your every need.

For over 40 Years Grimes Grass has been:

  • » Providing on time delivery to your job.
  • » Providing a friendly and Qualified staff to assist you.
  • » Providing quality turf grass from the first retail and wholesale location in Houston, Texas.
  • » Providing quality turf grass and the quality service that you deserve.
  • » Providing quality turf grass to homeowners, home builders, landscapers, sports field
    managers, golf courses, and municipalities.
  • » Providing free estimates for your turf needs.
  • » Implementing quality turf management programs on our own farms.
  • » Providing a qualified staff to assist you with any of your turf needs.
  • » Providing free problem solving for your turf.
  • » Providing annual programs for your turf.
  • » Providing quality turf grass from our own farms.

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